Water dance and LED Lamp Speakers for PC Laptop MP3 Phone (White)


  • $24.95

Only 3 left!

  • Great sound for the money
  • USB Powered (see desciption for more details)
  • Easy Set Up
  • Works on computers, MP3 and Phones
  • Lots of fun!

Too Cool!

  This is a pair of USB powered speakers that will be an awesome addition to a PC or portable music player!  They are SUPER easy to hook up and are sure to please. Because they are USB powered, they do not require a power supply or outlet, but if you plan on using these for an ipod or mp3 player, you will need a USB power source of some sort, either a desktop/laptop computer or portable charger. You can grab one of those USB wall adapters if you do not have a computer nearby to plug into.

 The sound is surprisingly good for speakers of this price.   Mind you, they are not high fidelity, but for a normal size room they will put out more than enough sound for you.  

 The speakers measure about 10 inches tall, and come with everything you need to hook up.  The only thing you might need is a USB wall plug if you do not plan on using a USB port from a computer.  Quality is great for the price, and setup takes less than 5 minutes.