About Us

 Thanks for visiting!  Linda's Gifts is a retail sales company operating in Southern New Jersey.  We have 2 stores located in Historic Smithville, NJ and a strong online presence on Amazon, eBay and several other selling channels.  This website (which is still under construction) was created to offer our products directly to buyers at a lower price than other online marketplaces.  Since we do not have to pay seller fees here, we can offer better prices.  Also, since this is our site, we have the ability to accept payment in bitcoin and other crypto-currencies which we believe is a direction more and more vendors will be moving in.
  Given some time, we will make our entire catalog available on this site at lower prices than you will see on the other marketplaces.  Keep coming back and see what we add as it is our plan to have thousands of items up for sale by the end of the first quarter of 2017!