USB Powered Flameless Rechargeable Wind Resistant Cigarette Lighter

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  • Compact, 3 x 1 inches to fit easily into your pocket
  • Easy to charge, plugs into a USB port
  • Works even in windy conditions
  • Easy to use: Simply plug into a USB port to charge (30 minutes or so is fine), then slide the center switch to expose the heating element. Press your cigarette against the element to light.
  • Note: This will not work on full size cigars. Whatever is being lit must fit into the element.

Color:White Black This super awesome lighter is a great backup lighter to have
on hand! Charging the lighter is easy and convenient, just push down on the
letter in the center and slide down for the usb port and after about 30
minutes, your lighter is ready to use! Take the lighter out of the usb port
and push and slide up for the flameless coil. This is a great little gift and
perfect as a stocking stuffer!