Surf Gear US Coast Guard Approved Infant's Life Vest (Up to 30 pounds) (Red)


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  • US Coast Guard Certified
  • Features a head rest to help keep head out of the water (even if unconscious)
  • Fits infants under 30 pounds
  • Adjustable strap for snug fit
  • Ideal for swimming, boating, fishing, surfing and more - Please read product description below for important information

This US Coast Guard life vest is designed to be comfortable to wear and assist in staying afloat in the event of accidentally falling into the water. It will keep most unconscious wearers face up in the water. This is designed to be comfortable and worn while doing a variety of activities by the water. It is not ideal for long term survival in very rough water. This is an excellent quality and affordable vest to meet the safety needs for most water sports.