Set of Six 3 Inch Happy Buddah Figurines in Various Poses - Brown

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  • 3 x 2 inches
  • Made of resin - look like they're carved from wood!
  • Includes 6 Buddahs in varying poses
  • Perfect for your meditation room!
  • A great gift

The Laughing Buddha is cherished all over the world. He is found in homes, restaurants, places of business and so on. The Laughing Buddha is the Buddha of abundance and happiness. He is also known as the Buddha of Wealth. It is believed he will bring wealth and prosperity to a home or business. It  is very easy to recognize the Laughing Buddha. He is shown wearing a  robe and prayer beads often hang around his neck. He is bald and has a  big fat tummy. This set of 6 Buddah figurines shows Buddah in varying poses each with a different meaning behind it. The Buddah's in this set are made of resin material that looks and feels like wood. You can keep all six for yourself, but ancient legend says that giving a Buddah will bring you luck and happiness!