Waboba Catch Ambidextrous Glove

Waboba Catch Ambidextrous Glove


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  • Use the amazing Waboba Catch Ambidextrous Glove for fun in the pool with any Waboba ball
  • Adjustable neoprene glove has drain holes, so it dries easily after being used in the swimming pool
  • For use in the pool or at the beach
  • For ages 3 and up
  • Makes a wonderful gift

Use this amazing Waboba Catch Ambidextrous Glove for extra
fun with any Waboba ball. This adjustable neoprene glove fits most hands.
Because Waboba balls are designed for water play, we've even made this glove
with drain holes. A wonderful gift for people who have swimming pools, or for
beach goers. Waboba began as ''the ball that bounces on water.'' Waboba balls
now bounce on every continent. Our goal is to connect people through fun,
because when you're having fun with others, your differences disappear. From
the Manufacturer The new Waboba Catch Ambidextrous Glove enhances the play of
Waboba! The glove was designed to maximize fun in playing with our Extreme
ball (it comes with one). The glove fits snugly so that the high bounces can
be caught easier than using your bare hands. The Ambidextrous glove pocket is
sized to increase the challenge you have to hook the Waboba ball into the
glove. So go have some extreme Waboba fun! Great when playing the Waboba game
in teams. Features: Soft neoprene fit; (fits most hands); adjustable wrist
strap; comes with one Extreme ball. Glove and ball are made for water use only
and not use on land; and are designed to be used only with Waboba balls; it is
not designed as a substitute for baseball glove. Can be used with any Waboba