Sling Shot Style Glider with 18 Inch Wingspan

Fun Stuff

  • $3.95

  • Simple yet fun set
  • Includes a glider and hand launcher
  • Minor assembly required
  • Just hook the band to the glider and launch like a sling shot
  • Small children should use only with adult supervision

 In this age of gaming systems, social media, smart phones and television, it can be refreshing to take a break from all of that and just run around outside!  This toy is a perfect and inexpensive way to get off the couch, have fun and get some excercise!  It's as simple as it gets...  A kite style glider with a hand launcher with an elastic cord.  It takes a couple tries to get it down but it's pretty easy to use and in the right conditions will fly pretty far!  You will want to be in a good sized yard or park to play with this.  Adult supervision is reccommended for small children.