Set of 10 Plastic "Acornimals" Acorn Size Animal Tiny Stash/ Wish/ Tooth Boxes


  • $2.02

  • Set of 10 assorted animals, each set will be slightly different but will have at least one of each kind of animal shown
  • Each measures a little less than 1 inch total length
  • Made of hard plastic
  • Pop off the heads and place a small treasure inside! NOTE: These are SUPER SMALL and will only hold something like a tooth, small note or a pill. They can also make good game pieces!
  • Super fun and cute party favors- *NOTE* Small parts, supervise small children when using

These little acorn animals (ACORNIMALS!) as adorable as they are affordable. They are super tiny, but you can fit small things like mints, a tooth or two, pills. Lots of fun and many cute uses here, but parents be aware these are very small and should be kept away from children under 4.