Grow a Crab Just Add Water Hermit Crab (Blue Spot)

Fun Stuff

  • $2.29

  • Super cool growing hermit crab
  • Each crab measurews 1.75"
  • Expands 600% of original size!
  • Just add water and watch it grow
  • Not suitable for children under 3

This hermit crab has a special power, it can grow up to 600% bigger than its original size! Put your crab in a jar or container full of clean water at room temperature to watch it start growing, please note that the water temperature should be between 59-95 degrees Fahrenheit. DO NOT expect instant results as it takes 72 hours to fully expand. Take it out of the water to watch the crab shrink back down to its original petite size! This is a great gift as a stocking stuffer or as party favors!