Glow Ring Toss Game By Supreme Glow


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  • GLOW FUN | Ring toss is one of the oldest games in history. The only problem is that ring toss doesn’t work too well once the sun goes down. That’s where our Glow Ring Toss comes in handy. Each glow stick ring toss kit comes with 2 – 10 inch green glow sticks, 6 – 8 inch yellow glow sticks, 6 – 8” blue glow sticks and 12 plastic connectors. Crack and shake to activate the 10 inch green glow sticks and then plant them into the ground. Great for outdoor camping games.
  • FUN EXERCISE FOR KIDS | Kids used to play outside lot and get plenty of exercise. Not anymore. Out digital world has created a lot of sedentary kids. Our light up ring toss game for kids is a fun glow in the dark toy--so kids will want to participate. Best of all, it can be played indoors or outdoors.
  • Great fun for summer nights!
  • INCLUDED: 26-piece glow kit. Glow one time only. Note: glowing ring toss game will glow for approximately 4 -6 hours once activated.
  • Great for parties