Copa Dry Cell Phone/ Accessory Storage Pouch Attaches To Most Beach Chairs


  • $8.88

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  • Zippered Pouch with Clear View Sleeve
  • Clear Pouch is Touch Screen Accessible - Play Music, Text/Email, Surf Web ECT
  • Headphone Opening
  • Back Privacy Flap to Conceal Phone
  • Velcro Pouch for Storage

Do you like to hit the beach to de-stress? Sitting in your favorite lounge chair, reading a book and listening to your favorite music. Maybe you like to hit the waves and come back to check messages. Why not protect those expensive cell phones! This pouch does it all for you! - Zippered pouch with clear view sleeve to hold your smart phone. Pouch allows for you to pay music, text/email or surf the web, all while being protected. Flip back privacy flap allows for protection from the sun and prying eyes when your not using it.