Attack Dog Screen Door Magnet Screen Saver Magnet Set Made In USA


  • $9.95

Only 6 left!

  • Made of solid aluminum with super strong magnets hold to screen saver in place
  • Measures 2 inches by 3.5 inches (business card size)
  • Includes one set of two pieces (front and back), place one piece on each side of your screen and they will fasten together or they may be used individually in other places like lockers, fridge and more!
  • Original artwork not found anywhere else, beautiful and functional, makes a great gift!
  • Protect your screen from accidental run ins by pets and humans, and add some decorative flair. Tons of other styles available, please search " Screen Saver Magnet Set Made In USA" to see what is available!

This heavy duty magnet set is made to order in the USA by Linda's Gifts. Solid aluminum and super strong magnets provide a durable product that will stand the test of time for a reasonable price. We use our own artwork, so you are getting something truly original as well! Whether you need this for yourself or are looking for a unique and useful gift for someone on your list, these are sure to please!