4 Piece Lightweight Soft Plastic Ninja Playset/ Costume Kit

Fun Stuff

  • $6.95

  • 4 Items included
  • Ninja Sword (About 23 Inches Long)
  • Ninja Bow (about 22 inches long) with 3 suction cup arrows)
  • Ninja Star (3 inch diameter)
  • Soft, lightweight plastic. Note: Arrows, sword and the bow have points that can be harmful to eyes if improperly used.

 This set is perfect for your little ninja costume.  Ninja Sword, Nunchucks, Throwing Star and Bow and arrows included.  Everything is very lightweight and has no sharp or harmful edges.  Adult supervision is reccommended for small children as there are some points that could be harmful to eyes if not used properly.  Whether its used as an adventure play set or as an accessory to a ninja costume, this is a great set for the money.

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