20 Inch Hand Carved Hand Painted Bamboo Lighthouse Windchime


  • $15.65

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  • 41 inches total length (From Very Top Of String to Very bottom of weight)
  • 35.5 inches from top of lighthouse to bottom weight
  • Hand carved hand painted, no no two are exactly alike
  • Soothing Melody
  • Top Quality- Built To Last

This Bamboo Wind Chime, when hung in a gentle breeze, will calm your soul with the most serene and exotic sounds. Hand crafted on the island of Bali, this chime embodies the beautiful spirit found in the Balinese culture. For centuries, in Asia, bamboo has been a vital and central resource. And now, because bamboo grows so quickly, it is one of the most important environmentally friendly materials. This Bamboo Wind Chime is truly a special gift.