2 Pack! Fizzy Mermaid - Drop In Water, Watch It Fizz, Reveal A Mermaid!


  • $5.65

  • Surprise Mermaid inside the shell!
  • 4 Different mermaids to discover! (Randomly packed, so it is possible to get 2 of the same one as there's no way to know until used)
  • Drop it water and watch it fizz
  • Made with food grade baking soda... 100% safe and non toxic
  • Great for bath time fun!

Just for fun!  You drop the shell in water and it will bubble and fizz!  After some time has gone by you will reveal a suprise mermaid!  The mermaid measures about 2 inches long and is made of plastic. (Due to small parts, please supervise use by very small children)  The ball is made of food grade baking soda so it is 100% non toxic and safe to use in a bathtub or pool.  You can also simply drop it in a glass of water and it will fizz immediately.  There are 4 possible mermaids you can get and there is no way to know which one is inside until you fizz it :-)  Therefore,  please note that the mermaids inside your fizzy ball may or may not look like the one in the picture.  (It's a surprise!)  These are fun for bath time, parties, and much more!